S n R Hacks is a new cheat provider selling their selfmade cheats with 99% security including an OVERWATCH BYPASS for Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

    S n R Hacks is rising again!


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    S n R Hacks is rising again!

    Post by S on Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:10 pm

    Hello there!

    Only very few guys of you probably know us, we are Steve and Robin from Germany and we have been coding for about 3 years. We released our first cheat in April 2015 which only had a simple wallhack included. Here you can see our first video and hack.
    But once we recognized how fast and easily public cheats can get detected and outdated we knew we had to change something according to how much time we spent in coding and updating the hack.
    This is why we decided to start from zero again in November 2016 but we wanted to start making private hacks to make sure you get a higher security and with the little extra money our time is really worth coding for you guys!
    We created a new Counterstrike: Global Offensive hack which is including tons of features you can check out in the specific thread.

    If you are uncertain about several things then please do not hesitate and contact us or simply open up a thread in the presale questions.

    S 'n' R

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