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    Cheats in Progress


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    Cheats in Progress

    Post by S on Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:30 pm

    Hey there folks!

    In this thread we will keep you up to date on what cheats we are currently working on as there have already been several requests for some cheats.
    If you want a special cheat for a quite popular game be sure to request the game in our forum although we cannot focus on coding too much hacks so please be patient.

    Finished cheats:

    -Counter Strike: Global Offensive [Coders: S & R]

    Cheats in Progress:

    -Overwatch [Coder: R]

    -Mount & Blade Warband [Coder: S]

    We will keep you updated with screenshots of Overwatch and Mount & Blade Warband soon!

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